We are Property Advisors in top tier realty, and property management, in Saint-Tropez.

Our DNA: Expertise, Authenticity, Ethics & Emotion.

Strong upscale corporate exposure to understand your needs

Proven track-record in service to manage all the aspects of your life here

In-depth knowledge of local craftsmen and contractors

Hands-on to make things happen

Whether you own a villa or you are in the process of buying your second-home in Saint-Tropez area, you need to get organized and try to find a seasoned – yet relaxed – Property Manager.
Believe our experience of running luxury properties in South of France: regarding services, it is all about having the right people around you. The perfect profile of your future Property Manager should integrate the best of two worlds, yours, and the one here:



Peninsula spans a wide range of services: by choosing us, you have the Estate Manager, the Concierge and the Family Office, all at once.



An upscale second home needs the leadership of its Manager, who knows the owner inside out, sets a service ambition and ensures strict control all year round.

Our Clients entrust us with everything that is stressful or time-consuming. Our services offer what a lifetime of hard work may not always buy: time, peace of mindtrust and an ‘in the know’ experience. The purpose is not to own a beautiful home, but to enjoy it to the fullest. This is where we can help.

Peninsula is your sole contact for all matters relating to the property: inspections, project management, events, conception and supervision of the operating budget, proxy on local bank account if desired, or opening of a dedicated sub-account domiciled at PENINSULA, organizational consultancy, relations with authorities, and of course Private Concierge and an array of experts for all operational services. Endless possibilities.



Located in the heart of Grimaud village, our real estate consultancy is your trusted partner for all your real estate needs in Saint-Tropez area. PENINSULA specializes in private listing, for superprime property search, or top-tier discreet sale. Available upon appointment.

We offer a unique new approach to real estate, emphasizing our luxury hospitality and prime property management background. We advise and we build loyalty, more than we sell. We know how properties work and live, from the inside. We have successfully served an international, demanding, and diversified luxury clientele for over 20 years.

Get in touch with us, we will demonstrate our ethics, and convince you with our expertise.



No matter where you are, or how specific your needs, get in touch with us. We can help!

Our mission includes managing household staff, administrating the needs of multiple residences, arranging travel itineraries and transports, scheduling, attending meetings in the owner’s stead, overseeing finances, running errands (not an easy task), lifestyle management (even tougher!), private Concierge duties, and coordinating the family and guests’ needs.

Discretion, creativity, flexibility, sense of ownership and cutting-edge thinking will be leveraged at your service.

What we’ve done so far for our clients:

  • Comprehensive relocation from United-Kingdom to Saint-Tropez.
  • Purchase of a large estate on behalf of clients-owners, coordinating the bank, notary, lawyer and the seller.
  • Luxury vintage car import from outside EU to France.
  • Proxy on bank accounts: setting up of operating budget, payments, reporting.


“You have been managing the property for about 3 years now. If you were to stop, I think I’d sell the house! “

Antoine marest

Good Property Managers are hard to find! I have been overseeing several upscale second-homes in Saint-Tropez area and all my clients are still here since day one – no turn over, only mutual trust and sustainable relationships based on openness, integrity and fun!

Settled permanently in Saint-Tropez area, I cultivate a healthy and balanced lifestyle between my family, my business, and everything that this unique environment offers.

As a post-graduate and Mensan, I have a 12-year experience in internationally renowned luxury hotels at Senior Director level, followed by the management of several luxury villas as Estate Manager, and now Director of my own business. I do not propose a formal or solemn service.
However, my background makes it possible, if you require it on certain occasions.

Antoine Marest



715 Route Nationale - 83310 Grimaud

+33 771 209 208

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